My Story

Welcome to the heart of culinary artistry, Emma Claire’s Kitchen! My name is Emily Claire Susman. My devotion to the culinary world began at an early age. One of my earliest memories is of being a four-year-old, perched on a stool in my grandmother's kitchen, joyfully crafting my first cake. I've always been drawn to the myriad of cuisines, spices, and the harmony between sweet and savory dishes. My palette was also influenced by my dining experiences at various eateries, absorbing inspirations from chefs and culinary experts.

Coming from a lineage of entrepreneurs, my journey began in high school, where I created my first company venture into crafting jewelry and showcasing them at local boutiques. My educational path took me to the University of Texas A&M, with a memorable stint in Spain, where I delved deeper into the world of intricate flavors and exotic dishes. During these years, I donned various roles at my family's restaurants - from serving guests to crafting drinks and preparing dishes.

2009 marked a significant year for me when I brought to life my vision of a catering business and café, nestled in a historic corner of downtown Dallas. From concocting simple breakfast dishes to crafting an array of diverse catering recipes, I covered it all, catering to events of varying scales, from intimate gatherings to grand weddings.

However, the demanding nature of my profession, with grueling hours spanning the day and night, began to weigh on me. By 2011, yearning for a more balanced lifestyle, I passed the reins of my establishment to a Dallas-based investor.

The hiatus from the culinary world was brief. The allure of flavors, the joy of crafting dishes drew me back in. Rekindling my culinary passion, I ventured into the world of social media. With the rising tide of Instagram, I started sharing my creations, capturing them through the lens of my iPhone. Engaging with brands, exploring collaborations, and connecting with a global foodie community, a novel thought began to sprout: Could this digital culinary journey become my new profession?

Perfecting my photography, the quality of my posts improved, gaining attention from brands and agencies. To think that I could craft a livelihood from my passion, right from my cozy kitchen, was a dream come true. As my content library grew, so did my followers, leading me back to my childhood fascination with cookbooks. This time, with a vision to craft my own, making recipes elegant yet approachable. My culinary style, always gravitating towards simplicity, led to the birth of my product, Simple Spice – a blend encapsulating the core of my savory dishes.

Embrace the magic of Simple Spice, a game-changer in your culinary adventures. And as my journey continues to evolve, be sure to follow EMMACLAIRESKITCHEN on social media for more exciting innovations!